Loan Repayment Program Award Winners

Here's a snapshot of our four United Health Foundation loanship recipients:
Joshua Davidson, D.M.D.A true passion to serve...
Joshua Davidson, D.M.D. - 2011 Loanship Recipient
Serves in a small farming community in rural Wisconsin. He works for the Neilsville Dental Clinic, one of seven dental clinics under the Marshfield health care system.
Brenden Davis, D.M.D.In for the long haul... 
Brenden Davis, D.M.D., M.P.H. - 2009 Loanship Recipient
Serves as dental director of the Ellensburg Dental Clinic in central Washington state. Patients in this largely underserved community had to wait months, sometimes years before they could see the only dentist in town.
This changed in 2009, thanks to the generous loan repayment program funded by the United Health Foundation. Today, Dr. Davis clinic serves over 36,000 patients and he has loved his job so much that he has already purchased a home and is planning to stay in this community for the long haul.
Elizabeth Magallanes, D.M.D., M.P.H.Passionate about public health...
Elizabeth Magallanes, D.M.D.- 2009 Loanship Recipient
There is no one as passionate about the loan repayment program as Dr. Magallanes. An ardent advocate, she spoke about the benefits of the program not just to her personally but to underserved communities at our 2012 University Council meeting. This meeting formally kicked off our Graduate Loan Repayment program.
Dr. Magallanes works for Clinica Sierra Vista, a community health center in Bakersfield, CA. A recipient of services during her childhood, Dr. Magallanes is back serving her own community.
Creating real change....
LaVonne Hammelman, D.M.D, M.P.H.- 2010 Loanship Recipient
In Okanogan County in Washington state, Dr. Hammelman is transforming the way oral health is delivered in a largely underserved area. Nearly half the residents live at or below the Federal poverty level and Dr. Hammelman based at a satellite clinic provides prevention and outreach services to children and is very active in increasing oral health literacy in this underserved community.